Victor J. Kemper, ASC: Dog Day Afternoon

Kemper details the work that went into transforming an entire Brooklyn street for this tale of a bank heist gone awry. (6:20)

Referenced clip: Dog Day Afternoon

  1. Early Gambles
  2. The Friends of Eddie Coyle
  3. Dog Day Afternoon
  4. Shooting Slap Shot on Ice
  5. The Tricks Behind Magic
  6. Q&A 1
  7. Q&A 2

The ASC Breakfast Club is a series of in-depth interviews conducted in front of a live audience in the Society's historic Clubhouse. ASC members share their inspirations and experiences while analyzing their own work and offering an informative look at their decision-making process. 

2014 Breakfast Club participants: Owen Roizman, John Toll, Victor J. Kemper, Haskell Wexler, Nancy Schreiber and Checco Varese.

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