Montpensier 3 - Bertrand Tavernier

My first post about Princess of Montpensier outlined the story. In the second post I spoke to the cinematographer, Bruno de Keyzer, focusing on 3 scenes from the movie. In this post I present a video interview that I shot with the director, Bertrand Tavernier, also discussing one of those scenes.

In the scene that Tavernier refers to, the young heroine, Marie, interrupts a Latin class with her tutor to tell him that she wants to learn how to write, a rare skill for women of the time.


Tavernier starts by discussing the FAST DOLLY IN  to Marie as she tells her tutor: "I want to write"


Tavernier also mentions that he went to REVERSE SHOTS to underline the conflict between the 2 characters, but that his reverses are never symmetrical:


Director Bertrand Tavernier evokes camera movement, the camera as a character, and the use of music.

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Bertrand Tavernier on imdb

An illustrated filmography of Tavernier

Tavernier makes a reference to John Wayne in The Searchers by one of his favorite directors, John Ford



PART 1: Princess of Montpensier - The Story

PART 2: Princess of Montpensier - The cinematographer, Bruno de Keyzer, BSC

PART 3: Princess of Montpensier The director Bertrand Tavernier


Video of Bertrand Tavernier shot & edited by Benjamin B

Images courtesy of IFC Films & Fredell Pogodin



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