IBC People: A Photo Album

thefilmbook by Benjamin B

I recently returned from IBC, the best and biggest European trade show for cinema and television tools, held in the wonderful city of Amsterdam.

There were many interesting technical topics and products showcased there, and I will return to those in future posts.

As always, IBC was also the occasion to meet and speak with many people from the production and post-production industry, both in the technical conferences and on the show floor. And I thought it would be good to offer a post that, for once, highlights the people rather than the products.

IBC 3D screening -thefilmbook-


It is in this spirit that I post a photo album featuring some of the portraits I've taken at IBC over the past five years. They include friends and colleagues, movers and shakers, industry captains and foot soldiers, cinematographers and post-producers, filmmakers and manufacturers, and some of the people who took time to explain movie technology to me.

The images are intentionally jumbled chronologically, to render a blended view of the recent past. Of course, there are many important people who I don't have photos of -- you know who you are. My apologies, I will try to make up for this shortcoming next year :)

  • vince pace, ASC, and james cameron -Benjamin B -thefilmbook
  • Sue Gibson BSC -thefilmbook
  • presenting the Alexa in 2010 -thefilmbook
  • presenting the Penelope Delta in 2010
  • Philippe Ros, AFC, and Steven Poster, ASC -photo by Benjamin B -thefilmbook
  • Marc Galerne from K5600 Lighting -thefilmbook
  • Roger Deakins, ASC, BSC and Arri's Franz Kraus - photo Benjamin B
  • Anna Rausch from Zeiss -thefilmbook
  • 3 DPs: Jannicke Mikkelsen - Bill Bennett, ASC, - Geoff Boyle -thefilmbook
  • Jean-Pierre Beauviala and Jacques Delacoux at IBC 2009 -thefilmbook
  • DIT Peter Marsden -thefilmbook
  • Chrosziel s Sebastian Merkelfrom -thefilmbook
  • JP Restivo with Red VR glasses -thefilmbook
  • AC booth crew -thefilmbook
  • 2009 IBC Big Screen panelists -thefilmbook
  • Horst Burbulla with Technocrane  -thefilmbook
  • Dave Stump ASC -thefilmbook
  • Kenny Galerne of K5600 shows easy exchange of 2k lamp from daylight to tungsten  -thefilmbook
  • John Thorn AJA -thefilmbook
  • Laura Redpath from Codex -thefilmbook
  • Les Zellan of Cooke -thefilmbook
  • Yasuhiko Mikami -thefilmbook
  • Thomas Harbers from Greenpost
  • Steve Brett Pandora International -thefilmbook
  • Jodi Rosenblum from BandH -thefilmbook
  • William Admans - Dolby Labs -thefilmbook
  • French victuals at Transvideo booth -thefilmbook
  • Amsterdam pastrami -thefilmbook
  • IBC beach -thefilmbook
  • IBC 3D screening -thefilmbook
  • first glimpse of Alexa at IBC -thefilmbook
  • Linda Carriel the Angenieux muse -thefilmbook
  • Pierre Andurand Angenieux with 25-250mm- -thefilmbook
  • Stephan Schenk from Arri -thefilmbook
  • Kate Morrison-Lyons from fluent image -thefilmbook
  • Pierre Michoud -thefilmbook
  • Richard Lewis Sony -thefilmbook
  • Thomas Smith from Varizoom holds the Stealthy camera support system -thefilmbook
  • Anthony Cuomo from Telemetrics with Televator  -thefilmbook
  • Marc Kaye from Aadyn Tech with controller for his Eco Punch Plus LED light
  • Jean-Yves Le Poulain -Angenieux -thefilmbook
  • ibc green screen -thefilmbook
  • Mark Jaszberenyi speaks as his brother Aron, Geoff Boyle and Danys Bruyere look on -thefilmbook
  • Darren Gosney Black Magic Design -thefilmbook
  • Mikael Lubtchanksy Red developer -thefilmbook
  • Karl Walter Lindenlaub, ASC, and Elliot Davis -thefilmbook
  • Martin Cayzer, Marc-Shipman-Mueller and Stephan Ukas-Bradley - photo by Benjamin B
  • Alfred Piffl PS Technik -thefilmbook
  • David Throup -thefilmbook
  • Ben Perry with Codex Vault -thefilmbook
  • Douglas Trumbull makes a point -thefilmbook
  • Daniel Dubreuil from Sony -thefilmbook
  • Seth Emmons -thefilmbook
  • Bruno Nicoletti The Foundry Visionmonger  -thefilmbook
  • James Milne Filmlight s Flip specialist -thefilmbook
  • DP Geoff Boyle, founder of CML -thefilmbook
  • Dutch cinematographer Herman Verschuur  -thefilmbook
  • Fellow journalist Jon Fauer, ASC  -thefilmbook
  • Howard Lukk from Disney  -thefilmbook
  • Ben Roeder Sohonet -thefilmbook
  • Bill Bennett 2010 -thefilmbook
  • IBC landscape -thefilmbook
  • Benjamin B - IBC self-portrait in beautiful bathroom



All photos ©Benjamin B - thefilmbook 2014

Feel free to use them on the web, with the following credit:

"photo by Benjamin B, thefilmbook"

All other rights reserved



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thefilmbook: IBC: Digital Anamorphic

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