IBC 2016 Photo Album

thefilmbook by Benjamin B

I recently attended IBC, the best and biggest European trade show for cinema and television tools, held in the wonderful city of Amsterdam.

IBC 2016 photo album by Benjamin B
IBC 2016 photo album by Benjamin B

In my next post I will address some of the technological topics and products I saw there, but first I wanted to share a photo album of my visit, featuring some of the people I met and conferences I attended.

Several of the photos feature my friend and colleague Stephen Pizzello, with whom I visited some of the booths. I also spent time with ASC president Kees van Oostrum, vice-president Bill Bennett, and saw member Florian Ballhaus, along with many ASC associate members. Note that I have also included a few photos from previous years in the mix...

The highlight for many at IBC was the screening of an excerpt of Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk by Ang Lee with cinematography by John Toll, ASC, who unfortunately couldn't come to Amsterdam. The complex projection system used was overseen by cinema technologist Ben Gervais.


  • IBC transportation -thefilmbook
    IBC transportation -thefilmbook
  • amsterdam 3-seater
    amsterdam 3-seater
  • beyond definition -thefilmbook
    beyond definition -thefilmbook
  • NHK 8k thin screen -thefilmbook
    NHK 8k thin screen -thefilmbook
  • IBC big screen auditorium -thefilmbook
    IBC big screen auditorium -thefilmbook
  • Kees van Oostrum- Bill Bennett- Stephen Pizzello -thefilmbook
    Kees van Oostrum- Bill Bennett- Stephen Pizzello
  • Stephen Pizzello between Edith Bertrand and Paulette Dumerc from Angenieux
  • Yasuhiko Mikami -Angenieux- and Philbert Chin -Jebsen -thefilmbook
  • Amnon Band - Band-Pro -thefilmbook
  • Angénieux double format zoom
    Angénieux double format zoom
  • Kees van Oostrum - Dongdong Lin- Bill Bennett -thefilmbook
  • Joy Huang -thefilmbook
  • Barbara Sutter at the AC booth -thefilmbook
    Barbara Sutter at the AC booth -thefilmbook
  • Bobby Caniglia - Blackmagic Design -thefilmbook
    Bobby Caniglia - Blackmagic Design -thefilmbook
  • Lytro- giant production camera -thefilmbook
  • Lytro microlens
  • Lytro presentation by jon karafin and jeff-barnes
    Lytro presentation by jon karafin and jeff-barnes
  • laser projection panel -thefilmbook
    laser projection panel -thefilmbook
  • performance blending
    performance blending
  • the uncanny valley
    the uncanny valley
  • Barbara Sutter at AC booth
    Barbara Sutter at AC booth
  • brad meier, julian glockner and marc shipman-mueller -thefilmbook
    brad meier, julian glockner and marc shipman-mueller -thefilmbook
  • Mark Shipman-Mueller interviews florian ballhaus asc
    Mark Shipman-Mueller interviews florian ballhaus asc
  • 3 Gentlemen from Arri - photo by Benjamin B
  • Mark Dando -codex -thefilmbook
  • Andrew Prior - arri uk -thefilmbook
  • Adi Kouadio -ebu -thefilmbook
  • post experts bill feightner, cedric lejeune, joachim zell -thefilmbook
  • Stephen Pizzello, Noah Kadner, Barbara Sutter -thefilmbook
  • Bill Bennett and Christian Herrera
  • Tom Yuhas from Cineo
  • cineo with 3200 slide-in filter
  • Ali Nicholls -codex digital -thefilmbook
  • gopro omni vr rig -thefilmbook
  • touch-sensitive spherical VR screen -thefilmbook
  • Christopher Garvie and Tom Allan - pufferfish displays -thefilmbook
  • Sony cledis video wall -thefilmbook
  • Manon van Liempt's hand is thicker than thin nhk 8k screen -thefilmbook
  • Warwick Hempleman from Fisher tempts Stephen Pizzello -thefilmbook
  • Tommaso Vergalo -cw sonderoptic -thefilmbook
  • Seth Emmons - C W Sonderoptic -thefilmbook
  • Les Zellan - Cooke -thefilmbook
  • Don Shafer -Schneider -thefilmbook
  • publicist Vika Safrigina -thefilmbook
  • Natasza Chrosciki - Arri -thefilmbook
  • french colleagues Jacques Pigeon, Francoise Noyon, Marc Bourhis -thefilmbook
  • Kenny Galerne -k5600
  • virtual cto on Arri Skypanel
  • Charles Montesin -Miller -thefilmbook
  • Luc Bara -Panasonic -thefilmbook
  • Ira Tiffen -thefilmbook
  • Stephen Pizzello and publicist Lisa Muldowney -thefilmbook
  • sony's Richard Lewis and Peter Sykes -thefilmbook
  • George Jarrett -thefilmbook
  • journalist Radoslav Markov -thefilmbook
  • Jacques Delacoux - aaton-transvideo -thefilmbook
  • Film Digital Times publisher Jon Fauer -thefilmbook
  • hfr and synthetic shutter by Tony Davis
  • the brilliant but defocused Tony Davis -thefilmbook
  • hfr and synthetic shutter by Tony Davis-judder-versus-strobing
  • hdr and wide gamut panel -thefilmbook
  • sony's peter sykes presents hdr -thefilmbook
  • don shaw -christie -thefilmbook
  • David Croney and Ben Gervais prepping-the ang lee screening -thefilmbook
  • 2 christie projectors for ang lee screening -thefilmbook
  • IBC big screen stereo 3D screening -thefilmbook
  • Amsterdam by night -thefilmbook
  • Kees van Oostrum, ASC - Bill Bennett, ASC - Steve Pizzello - Benjamin B - credit Christian Herrera



All photos © Benjamin B - thefilmbook 2016

Feel free to use them on the web, with the following credit:

"photo by Benjamin B, thefilmbook"

All other rights reserved



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