Eric Kress Lighting Workshop - Part 1

thefilmbook by Benjamin B

For the past three years I have organized cinematography workshops & master classes at the Gothenburg Film Studios during their annual Gokinema event.

The Danish cinematographer Eric Kress led the first of these workshops, demonstrating the lighting of matched close-ups.

This is the first of four posts about Eric's workshop

ERIC KRESS, DFF, is a leading European cinematographer whose credits include:
The Kingdom
Flickering lights
Arn the Knight Templar
Monica Z
and my personal favorite, the original 2009 version of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Eric has also shot some Danish television episodes, notably for the wonderful series Borgen, about a woman Prime Minister.


the Gokinema workshop

During the workshop Eric demonstrated simple variations of lighting close-ups of a man and a woman near a window. When we designed the session, Eric and I chose the theme of dual close-ups because lighting matching close ups is something that every cinematographer has to do often.



In part 1 of the workshop video, Eric introduces the workshop and then demonstrates 3 lighting variations around a window on the sound stage set:

1. one exterior soft source

2. adding an exterior poly bounce as a background light

3. adding an interior fill

These set-ups are illustrated in the images below




the video

During the workshop Eric was wonderful about sharing every step of his creative process.

Watch on YouTube


workshop & video credits

cinematographer - Eric Kress

moderator - Benjamin B

Matilda Jelse
Pontus Tornqvist Loven

gaffer - Luisa Fanciullacci
1st AC - Filip Lyman
set designer - Kristina Sandfors
on-set DIT/editor - Jonas Andersson

producers -
Benjamin B & Michael Petersen
Gokinema at Gothenburg Film Studios

with the support of
Marc Galerne - K5600 Lighting Europe
Jacques Delacoux - Transvideo
Anders Johannsson - Media Teknik

video cameramen - Abdul Danesh, Michael Petersen, Nokokure Zaire

video editor - Barbaros Gokdemir

a video by Benjamin B



Eric Kress website

imdb: Eric Kress

wikipedia: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2009 by Niels Arden Oplev)

YouTube: trailer for The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

wikipedia: Borgen TV series

Gokinema - yearly event with workshops, seminars, trade show

Gothenburg Film Studios

K5600 Lighting


Barbaros Gokdemir on vimeo

imdb: Barbaros Gokdemir

Robert Hardy's insightful comments about the Part 1 video on the nofilmschool site.


The next post in the series is Part 2


thefilmbook: Eric Kress Lighting Workshop - Part 1

thefilmbook: Eric Kress Lighting Workshop - Part 2

thefilmbook: Eric Kress Lighting Workshop - Part 3

thefilmbook: Eric Kress Lighting Workshop - Part 4


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