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This post concludes the account of my discussion with the legendary Douglas Trumbull during IBC.

In the first post, Douglas presented his belief in the importance of temporal continuity between the camera and the projector. In the second post he shared his vision of the future of theatrical movies. Here he shares his insights about future filmmaking approaches and techniques.

Douglas Trumbull Interview 3-1 -Benjamin B -thefilmbook

Cinema technology pioneer Douglas Trumbull during our interview


24 fps & 120 fps - 2D & 3D

In my previous post, Douglas emphasized his wish to see 24 fps movies continue as the dominant cinematic "art form". So it's important to note that in this interview he is not defining the future of all filmmaking, but just one possible variation in approaches and techniques, involving 3D at 120 fps.


the interview

watch on YouTube


In this video interview Douglas addresses many technical and artistic issues including:

- dynamic temporal resolution

that is, changing the frame rate in the same movie

- the elastic form of digital cinema

which enables dynamically changing color, aspect ratio and other formal qualities.

- matching resolution of projector and camera

pointing out that a "4K" Bayer pattern sensor has less resolution than a 4K projector

- matching projector and camera angle of view

explaining that he always uses a 20 mm lens to get a 60 degree angle

- the amazing sense of presence of an actor shot at 120 fps 3D

and what to do with that sense of reality

- musing about the possibilities of this new art form of "experience making"

including his own future project.



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My thanks to Douglas Trumbull for sharing his vision, knowledge and time.


Douglas Trumbull Interview 3-2 -Benjamin B -thefilmbook



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