Wooden Camera Releases Red Komodo Kits

The accessory kits are available in Base, Advanced, Pro V-Mount and Pro Gold Mount versions.

Wooden Camera has released four accessory kits for the Red Komodo.

The Base kit features an LW 15mm Baseplate and a Top Handle Kit. It lists for $798.

The Advanced kit features an LW 15mm Baseplate, a Complete Top Mount Kit and two 15mm rods. It lists for $998.

The Pro V-Mount kit features an LW 15mm Baseplate, a Complete Top Mount Kit, two 15mm rods and a Battery Slide Pro V-Mount. It lists for $1,447.

The Pro Gold Mount kit features an LW 15mm Baseplate, a Complete Top Mount Kit, two 15mm rods and a Battery Slide Pro Gold Mount. It lists for $1,447.

The LW 15mm Baseplate provides 15mm lightweight rod openings at the correct distance to the center of the lens. Arri-standard M6 rosettes are on both sides along with 1/4-20 threaded holes. A 3/8-16 Arri accessory mount is also available on camera right side. The baseplate features upper Arca Swiss standard dovetail with center screw channel and vertical lens-support post system. Lower dovetail slot is Arri standard for attaching to Arri dovetails or the included Quick Dovetail. With Quick Dovetail attached, the baseplate and camera combination can be combined with an Arri standard bridge plate.

The Complete Top Mount Kit features a top mount that attaches to the camera body using two captive 1/4-20 screws and provides a center Arca Swiss dovetail clamping slot along with 1/4-20 and 3/8-16 threaded holes for attaching accessories. The included top handle slides into Arca slot and leaves camera-control screen easily accessible. Shoe mount on top can hold on-camera lights and microphones, and side 15mm opening can hold included monitor arm or UVF Mount 2. 1/4-20 and 3/8-16 Arri accessory mount in several places and 15mm lightweight rod bracket on front for attaching lens motors and more. The monitor hinge can attach into Arca slot and provides a direct 1/4-20 mount for SmallHD monitors. Included rubber pad can be used to attach third-party monitors. A 15mm mounting spud is included and allows monitor arm to be quick released and attached onto Top Handle. The Top Plate slides into Arca slot to provide rows of 1/4-20 and 3/8-16 Arri accessory mounts in standard spacing and can be adjusted forward to allow camera-control-screen access. 

The Battery Slide Pro V-Mount and Battery Slide Pro Gold Mount both attach to the camera-left, BP-9 battery slot and power the camera using a right-angle connector. The thumbscrew can be loosened to tilt and slide the plate as needed. Three D-Taps on the plate provide battery voltage for accessories, and power is monitored for over-current. The Reset button can be pressed once to restart accessory power. The  DC Input on camera-right side can be used for hot-swapping between block battery and on-board battery. Wooden Camera notes that although the AC adapter that comes with the Komodo can be used, it might not be powerful enough to sustain the camera and accessory draw.

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