Wooden Camera Releases Zip Box Pro

Starting at $399, it’s a mid-level option between Wooden Camera’s UMB-1 Universal Mattebox and the original rubber Zip Box.

Wooden Camera announces the Zip Box Pro, a lightweight, professional matte box with a diverse feature set. Positioned as a mid-level option between Wooden Camera’s high-end UMB-1 Universal Mattebox and the original rubber Zip Box, the Zip Box Pro starts at $399.

The compact matte box weighs about 12 ounces, is compatible with various diameter lenses and can accept three 4x5.65 filters that are loaded from the front. One or two filters can be tilted by offsetting them in the filter tray and leaning them back into the housing.

The included top flag is made of lightweight carbon fiber, which also covers the front of the matte box for protecting the lens. Zip Box Pro is available in both Clamp On and Swing Away options that are easily convertible by removing the matte box backs.

Zip Box Pro (Swing Away) attaches to 15mm lightweight rods and swings away for easy lens changes. The swing bracket includes the ability to tilt by loosening two screws on the side. The same two screws also allow for vertical adjustability of 4mm up and 4mm down from lens center.

Zip Box Pro (Clamp On) attaches directly to the front of a lens using dedicated backs of 114, 110, 104, 100, 95, 87 and 80mm. Backs can be swapped using the four thumbscrews, requiring no extra tools.

Zip Box Pro is available in limited quantities through Wooden Camera’s website and through its dealership network.

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