Wooden Camera Announces Sony FX6 Accessories

Ranging from $195-$499, the solutions are available for preorder and will ship in February. Bundled kits are also available.

Wooden Camera has announced a range of accessories compatible with the new Sony FX6, adding to their line of modular parts for Sony cinema cameras.

A Sony FX6 Top Plate ($195) contours to the shape of the camera body, wraps around the original top handle and features rows of 1/4-20 and 3/8-16 mounting points, as well as several Arri Accessory Mounts.

The Unified Baseplate ($499) features 15mm rod supports and can be attached to standard tripod plates or Arri standard bridge plates; this system features a double quick-release that allows operators to either remove the full camera/rod setup from their tripod or simply detach the camera on its own.

Power accessories for the Sony FX6 include the Battery Slide Pro with Gold Mount and V-mount options ($399 each), which can be attached directly to the back of the camera without the need for rods. Position of the plates can be adjusted with a loosening thumbscrew slide mount. Additional features include 3x D-Tap ports with a digital fuse that cuts off accessory power when usage exceeds the specified amp rating. (Camera power is maintained.) The Battery Slide Pro allows the user to retain access to the battery compartment, which allows the Sony BPU battery to be installed. This gives the user the ability to hot swap between the block and internal batteries.

The E-Mount to PL Mount Pro ($499) for the Sony FX6 is a shimmable adapter for mounting PL lenses onto the camera. This mount includes a support ring that integrates with the new Top Plate. Shims are provided for adjusting necessary flange depths should the camera be out of calibration.

Bundled Accessory Kits are offered in Base ($794), Advanced ($974) and Pro ($1,473) versions.

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