Triptent Propels Robic Camera System

Advertising, production and technology company Triptent has introduced Robic, a custom-developed robotic arm system designed for high-speed cinematography. Robic is a fully programmable camera arm that allows for precise, exact movement up to 105 mph to capture motion in laser-sharp focus at up to 2,500 fps. The Robic system is now available for productions exclusively through Triptent, and is compatible with professional cameras including Vision Research’s Phantom HD and Flex 4K, Red’s Epic, and Arri’s Alexa Mini.

Robic is built around a set of sophisticated robotic arms developed by world robotics leader Staubli; the arms were then custom engineered via a software toolset written by director-technologist-inventor Fernando Kocking to specifically service high-speed cinematography workflows. Robic is ideal for capturing not only tabletop and product footage, but also people and objects, enabling new possibilities in sports, performance, automotive, beauty and lifestyle shoots.

The current Robic setup includes four motion-control arms, all fully synchronized to capture a shot with ultimate precision even though it may just be a millisecond in time. Two of the robotic arms, together with the custom Robic software, are designed to control cameras, and two are designed to control objects. The camera-control arms can be used alone, or can be programmed to follow the movements of an object mounted on another Robic arm for perfectly synced capture. The system has also been designed so that camera arms can be controlled and programmed simply via a videogame controller, significantly reducing prep time.

The Robic system is transportable and can be set up on a stage or on location, and is already in use on commercial projects. 

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