Tiffen Introduces Steadimate-RS

The third generation in the Steadimate lineup is designed for operating the DJI Ronin RS2, RS3 and RS3 Pro.

The Tiffen Co. has introduced the Steadimate-RS, designed for operating DJI Ronin RS2, RS3 and RS3 Pro motorized gimbal stabilizers.

The third generation in the Steadimate lineup, the solution enhances the capabilities of DJI’s handheld motorized gimbal by refining the camera stabilization and improving operator comfort, offering a fluid movement similar to that of a Steadicam sled. 

Steadimate-RS converts the handheld motorized gimbal into a full body-worn stabilizer by attaching a mechanical gimbal and pan bearing to the 1/4"-20 mounting holes of the Ronin Series Accessory NATO Ports, along with a weighted gimbal post extension with balance adjustment. A spring-arm-and-vest combination is also available in 15-pound and 30-pound load capacities.

The mechanical gimbal yoke features a new ball-bearing design to deliver full pan capability while providing assisted X- and Y-axis stabilization. Adding the Steadicam arm and vest reduces vertical bounce often seen in walking shots by providing stabilization of the Z axis while enabling longer shot duration by transferring the payload across the torso and hips. 

The system also enhances the vertical range of motion by offering Low Mode; operators can quickly and easily invert the motorized gimbal for a low-angle perspective without any hardware reconfiguration.

The Steadimate-RS gimbal collar/yoke and weighted base can be purchased on its own for use with an operator’s existing 1/2"-post Steadicam; the list price is $395.

For the arm-and-vest combinations, SDMRS-A15VK ($1,395) pairs the Steadimate-RS with the A15 Arm and Aero Vest for loads up to 15 pounds, while SDMRS-A30VK ($2,995) includes an A30 Arm and Zephyr Vest for loads up to 30 pounds. 

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