Sumolight Announces Sumosky

The expandable LED digital-backdrop display is being tested in the field and will be available this summer.

Sumolight USA, Inc., has announced the Sumosky, an expandable LED digital-backdrop display that will be available in summer 2021.

“As larger productions become more fluid with advances in VFX, the Sumosky can save time and labor costs,” says Sumolight President and CEO Malcolm Mills. “The Sumosky simply rolls out of a compact, wheeled case and can be hung in minutes with a very easy setup, allowing users to create their own large-scale digital canvas and backdrop.

“The Sumosky has full RGBWW spectrum and superior color rendering, and background images and video can be projected and controlled by simply using our software on your laptop,” Mills adds. It can also be externally controlled via Art-Net.

The Sumosky is stackable to over 300' long and expandable to 40' tall. It has a self-retracting function and features pixel mapping down to a resolution of 3.9" x 3.9". Individual SkyBars will be available.

The Sumosky is currently being tested in the field, according to Mills.

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