Star Trek: Discovery’s Mirror Universe Exhibition, Plus AC’s Trek Retrospective

A photo tour of San Diego Comic-Con 2018’s Mirror Universe exhibit, plus AC’s deep dive into 50 years of Star Trek cinematography and visual effects.

The recent San Diego Comic-Con offered an up-close look at Star Trek: Discovery’s Season 1 visit to the Mirror Universe — first seen in the famed "Mirror, Mirror" episode of Star Trek back in 1967 — where the moral inverse of the United Federation of Planets is the Terran Empire. The totalitarian regime sees the Discovery’s even-handed Captain Philippa Georgiou (Michelle Yeoh) as ruthless emperor, and cheerful Ensign Sylvia Tilly as bloodthirsty captain — and Michael Burnham, in her quest for redemption, entering the fray from an entirely different angle. See the photo gallery below (or jump to it from here!) for a tour of the Mirror Universe’s costumes, props and concept art that were on display at Michael J. Wolf Fine Arts in downtown San Diego.

Star Trek: Discovery’s pilot was shot by Guillermo Navarro, ASC. Further episodes of Season 1 were shot by cinematographers including Colin Hoult, CSC; Glen Keenan, CSC; Darran Tiernan, ISC; and Philip Lanyon.

Click this image to access 50 years of Star Trek cinematography and visual effects coverage.

Season 2 will see the return of iconic Starfleet officers Captain Pike (Anson Mount) and Mr. Spock (Ethan Peck). To tide you over until the January premiere of Season 2, revisit the Star Trek universe from a cinematographer’s perspective in AC’s 12-part Star Trek retrospective — a selection of the magazine’s decades-spanning coverage of the seminal sci-fi franchise.

Comic-Con San Diego 2018's Star Trek: Discovery Mirror Universe Exhibit


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