Rags to Rigids Releases Bates Batten

The batten is designed for use on all flags and stands both indoors and outdoors.

Rags to Rigids has released the Bates Batten, designed for use on all flags and stands indoors and outdoors.

The batten attaches along the full length of the bottom edge of the tear-down fabric and is then securely fastened to the metal stand, producing a rigid rectangle of fabric that is held firmly in place.  

For the traditional black flag, controllable shade and negative fill can be achieved utilizing the full fabric dimensions without the hassle of the teardown piece of fabric flapping into shot or causing unwanted “flicker” effects. The Bates Batten also facilitates the use of greenscreen flags outdoors.

White bounce can be created using tightly held fabric over frames instead of having to hold bits of polystyrene to create the effect. Similarly, muslin on frames is easily achievable for any size.

The Bates Batten consists of extruded black anodized aluminum; a uniquely designed, reversible and sliding bracket, which is adjustable in diameter; and weather- and heat-resistant “hook” Velcro on one length of the batten and “loop” on the other.

The battens can be ordered singly or in kits of three.

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