Pixomondo, Brompton Tech Team on VP Studio in Toronto

The award-winning VFX house recently completed one of the world's largest virtual-production studios at its flagship location.

Visual-effects house Pixomondo has finished building one of the world’s largest virtual-production studios at its flagship location in Toronto, with Brompton Technology among its tech partners on the new facility. 

“Beyond the prerequisites for a LED processor geared toward virtual production, Brompton has shown that it is heavily invested in innovation with a strong focus on quality,” says Josh Kerekes, VP supervisor at Pixomondo. “In the past couple of years, we’ve been fortunate to be part of projects involving VP, giving us an early insight into this rapidly changing industry. Moving a traditional pipeline into real time can be challenging, but thanks to key partners such as Brompton, it has been a smooth, natural extension of our business. We have many ambitions for this new space.”

“With VP ushering in a new era in film and television production, we are very excited to be partnering with Pixomondo, which is fully integrating Brompton HDR into its VP workflows,” says Adam Callaway, Brompton’s VP specialist. “HDR technology is set to become a mainstay of future film, television and commercial productions.”

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