Orwo Film Offers Black-and-White Negative

Owned and operated by Campbell Representation Inc., Orwo North America is the exclusive North American representative of Orwo FilmoTec GmbH, manufacturer of Orwo film for cinematography, still photography, sound recording, archiving and the lab/processing industry.

The Orwo name derives from Original Wolfen; the film-manufacturing company was founded in Wolfen, Germany, as an offshoot of the Agfa film company. FilmoTec revived the brand in 1998 and continues to manufacture a range of Orwo products in the original Orwo film factory in Wolfen.

Orwo’s black-and-white camera negatives comprise Universal Negative Film UN 54 (100 ASA) and Negative Film N 74 Plus (400 ASA). Both are available in Super 16mm (single and double perforation, 100' daylight spools, and 400' and 1,000' cans) and 35mm (100', 400' and 1,000' cans). The company also offers Positive Print Film PF2, in addition to a range of duplicating, sound recording, holographic, leader and specialty films.

Projects that have been shot with Orwo film include the short Day of the Heist and the feature The Mutineer, both directed and shot by John Jaquish. To watch the short, visit vimeo.com/ondemand/dayoftheheist; to see a trailer for the feature, visit vimeo.com/83291158.

Orwo North America offers a 10-percent discount for students, and the company can accommodate special orders. For inquiries, email [email protected]

For additional information, visit orwona.com.



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