OConnor Releases Ultimate 1040 Flowtech100 System

​The tripod system can support payloads up to 45 pounds at 5" center of gravity and a +/-90 tilt range.

OConnor has introduced the Ultimate 1040 Flowtech100 System, which combines the precise, fluid camera movement of OConnor heads with the company’s award-winning Flowtech tripod system.

The unique OConnor edition of the carbon-fiber Flowtech100 tripod provides camera operators with a fast, lightweight camera support with revolutionary quick-release brakes and rubber feet.

The tripod is complemented by OConnor’s Ultimate 1040 Fluid Head, which delivers a smooth pan-and-tilt fluid drag system with the Sinusoidal Counterbalance system, resulting in accurate balance at any point in the tilt range and counterbalance down to zero for perfect balance no matter the payload. Made with high-performance magnesium and aluminum alloys with stainless-steel and genuine carbon-fiber finishing, the Ultimate 1040 head is built to deliver consistent results on the most demanding sets.

The Ultimate 1040 Flowtech100 System can support payloads up to 45 pounds at 5" center of gravity and a +/-90 tilt range.

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