My ASC Master Class: David Pinkston

Program participants discuss the impact of attending this intensive five-day program in the art and science of cinematography.

“Attending the March Master Class of 2017 was a wonderful experience and something I will cherish as a milestone in my career. It is because of the Master Class that I had the opportunity to learn from and network with some of the best cinematographers in the world. One of these connections was with David Greene, ASC, CSC. We have corresponded through emails and telephone about cinematography and, more specifically, his body of work since the workshop took place.

Master Class student David Pinkston is presented his certificate of completion by ASC member instructors Bill Bennett and Karl Walter Lindenlaub.

“When I am not in production behind the camera or editing or gaffing, I teach the art and craft of cinematography at a local conservatory. Researching through David's feature work, I have found a wealth of examples to use in my classes. Several of his features are now options to be viewed by the students and reported upon.

“This interest in his craft led me to the opportunity to observe David working in the studio in Toronto. Last week, I was on the set of his show 12 Monkeys for two and a half days. I was in a total immersion of production as a shadow behind David.

“David has also invited other members of the March Master Class to visit his Toronto set. 

“This follow-up mentorship is a great concept by David to extend the exchange of cinematography techniques and tools for the betterment of the industry. I’ve been honored to be in the presence of all the ASC and CSC members I come in contract with and have found that all have been very generous and open about their work and their time to others.” — David Pinkston 

You'll find Pinkston's personal site here.

Click here for complete course details for the ASC Master Class sessions coming up on September 11-15 and October 23-27. Register now here.

His Master Class: In the second row, Pinkston is on the far left, with his class led by instructor Karl Walter Lindenlaub, ASC (center, standing behind camera).


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