Monogram Creative Console Integrates with Unreal Engine

The virtual-production solution enables previs, tech-vis, cinematographers, directors, real-time production operators, post operators and others to collaborate without the need to learn new software.

Monogram Creative Console has announced integration with Unreal Engine, giving virtual-production creators familiar, tactile control of virtual cameras, lighting and more. Epic Games awarded Monogram an Epic MegaGrant of $50,000 to kickstart the development of Monogram’s Unreal Engine solution.

Creative Console’s intuitive controls allow for non-technical team collaboration so that previs, tech-vis, cinematographers, directors, real-time production operators, postproduction operators and many others can collaborate without the need to learn new and complex software.

Creative Console provides: intuitive, direct control of key virtual-camera parameters, including focus, zoom, aperture and camera movements; the ability to define and refine the intensity, pattern and color of virtual lights, as well as the ability to synchronize virtual and digital lights with access to the DMX plugin; the ability to control Transport and Sequencer in Unreal Engine; and the ability to control location, rotation and scale of any actor in Unreal Engine.

Monogram’s Blueprints API lets Unreal Engine developers connect custom plug-ins to Monogram’s controllers or enable any of Unreal Engine’s controls to be assigned to one of Monogram’s tactile modules. 

“Monogram’s customizable hardware controller can unlock powerful tactile experiences in virtual worlds created in Unreal Engine,” says David Morin of Epic Games. “Monogram’s API will give creatives even greater freedom and control to deliver engaging content, interactive experiences and virtual worlds.”

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