Mo-Sys Launches VP Pro XR

The multi-node media-server solution for LED volumes is the first product release under the company's Cinematic XR initiative.

Mo-Sys has released VP Pro XR, a multi-node media-server solution for LED volumes, to meet the demands of final-pixel XR production.

A hardware and software solution combining multi-node nDisplay architecture, an improved VP Pro real-time compositor/synchronizer and a new XR toolset, VP Pro XR is designed to deliver cinematic capabilities and standards for cinematographers and focus pullers. It includes Cinematic XR Focus, which allows 1st ACs to pull focus between real and virtual elements in an LED volume.

VP Pro XR is the first product release under Mo-Sys’ Cinematic XR initiative, which aims to move final-pixel XR production forward in terms of image quality and shooting creativity. Mo-Sys has outlined four components to Cinematic XR: improve image fidelity, introduce established cinematic shooting techniques to XR, enable seamless interaction between virtual and practical set elements, and innovate hybrid workflows combining final-pixel and non-real-time compositing.

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