Matthews Unveils 3iSpreader

Developed in collaboration with ASC cinematographer Mark Irwin, Matt Irwin and Ray Irwin, the solution solves problems common among older tripods.

Matthews Studio Equipment has announced the 3iSpreader, developed in partnership with ASC cinematographer Mark Irwin, Matt Irwin and Ray Irwin.

The patented 3i system solves three problems common among older tripods, eliminating scratching and wobbling, removing the need for bungee cords, and raising the spreader off the floor.

Three machined-metal 3iSpuds with rubber caps are securely bolted onto the tripod’s spikes. Once in place, the tripod rests on the rubber caps inches over the floor. The 3iSpreader securely connects the tripod feet with three quick-release pins, eliminating issues with old bungee-cord attachment. The raised 3iSpreader creates a stable foundation grounded by the rubberized feet. For uneven terrain or to accommodate different heights, spreader segments adjust from closed at 15" to fully extend to 28" by increments of 2.5".

The system folds for transport quickly thanks to its center pivot bracket design with a recessed T-handle in the center. Legs and spreader fold together and easily collapse, allowing the spreader to travel within the sticks in a shipping tube or hanging on a cart.

Weighing 8.5 pounds, the 3iSpreader combines aluminum and steel components. Its inner legs, center pivot bracket and 3iSpuds are made of aircraft-grade 6061 aluminum. All bolts, handles, outer legs and fittings are stainless steel, zinc plate, neoprene rubber or high-impact plastic. All metal is coated with an elastomer thermoplastic polyurethane. It is anti-reflective, easy to grip, scratch resistant, non-corrosive and rust resistant.

The MSE 3iSpreader lists for $1,099.

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