Matthews Grows Gobo Plate Line

The Gobo Plate Baby Pin is designed to be mounted to standard 2.5" grip heads, bolted to cheese plates and screwed or nailed to set walls, lumber and apple boxes.

Matthews Studio Equipment, Inc., has introduced the Gobo Plate Baby Pin, which can be mounted onto standard 2.5" grip heads, bolted to cheese plates, and screwed or nailed to set walls, apple boxes, lumber and beams with the Gobo Plate bracket.

Users can add an industry-standard 5/8" Baby Pin wherever it’s needed, whether supporting a lighting unit or a grip modifier or trying to join gear in unconventional angles.

The 3" x 9.5" Baby Pin is machined from a single sheet of 1/8"-thick steel and weighs 13.1 ounces. It features a T-slot with V centering; two ½"-diameter, three 3/8"-diameter and six ¼"-diameter spaced circular cutouts, and a safety hole that allows mounted units to be secured. Carabiner-hole placement prevents the plate from coming out of the grip head and allows the plate to be safely tethered when rigged.

The Gobo Plate Baby Pin lists for $39.

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