March Issue of AC Features Deakins Must-Watch List

“I go to the cinema like everybody else, to escape, and I enjoy some fluffy movies. But if you ask which of my favorites have really meant something to me over the years, then these are the kind of films that resonate with me.”

Our new March 2022 issue presents an interview with Roger Deakins, ASC, BSC; coverage of The Card Counter and The Hand of God; a Filmmakers’ Forum with Jaron Presant, ASC; a discussion on techvis and virtual production; and more. Here’s a complete look at this month’s slate:

• AC editor-in-chief Stephen Pizzello engaged in an interview with Deakins to analyze six of the renowned cinematographer’s favorite films. Excerpts from their conversation reveal Deakins’ choices and how they have influenced his perspective on filmmaking. 

• Cinematographer Alexander Dynan and writer-director Paul Schrader discuss the transcendental style they brought to the drama The Card Counter.

• Cinematographer Daria D'Antonio reflects upon her work on the Netflix feature The Hand of God, written and directed by Paolo Sorrentino, who took an autobiographical and visually evocative approach to the story.

• Cinematographer Jaron Presant presents an overview on applying “x,y” chromaticity to lighting strategies, and how these techniques can benefit cinematographers using LED units. 

AC explores the role of technical-visualization — aka “techvis” — preproduction techniques in the preparation of virtual-production setups.

Roger Deakins, ASC, BSC adjusts a light fixture while shooting the 2005 military drama Jarhead. (Photo by François Duhamel, SMPSP, courtesy of Universal Studios.)

• Shot Craft: A look at mentorship through discussions with Society members about their mentors — what they learned, how their mentors helped them progress in their careers, and how they pay it forward to the next generation of filmmakers. 

• Clubhouse News: The latest bulletins from the Society feature the welcoming of new members Alex Disenhof, Simon Duggan, Magdalena Gorka, Lachlan Milne and Roman Vasyanov; Society members’ gathering on the East Coast; and a virtual workshop on cinematography, headlined by Alice Brooks, ASC. 

• Wrap Shot: An image of director Martin Scorsese and cinematographer Robert Richardson, ASC alongside members of the cast and crew on the set of Casino.

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