Litepanels Launches Apollo Bridge

The dual-band wireless DMX system is optimized for use with Litepanels Gemini RGBWW LED panels but can work with a wide range of lighting fixtures.

Litepanels has released the Apollo Bridge dual-band wireless DMX system.

Optimized for use with Litepanels Gemini RGBWW LED panels, Apollo is designed to work with a wide range of lighting fixtures. The Litepanels Apollo Bridge and iOS Lighticians Apollo Control app give lighting operators freedom to control and change lighting settings, DMX addresses and control modes on the fly for precision control.

“The consistent signal strength and range of the Apollo Bridge is outstanding,” says Michael Herbert, Litepanels product manager. “Lighting technicians, designers and gaffers can move freely around large sets knowing they are always connected to and in complete control of their lighting. The app is simple enough to pick up and start painting with light immediately; users can see their light settings on an iPad or iPhone and adjust in real time for instant results.”

The Litepanels Apollo Bridge can also be used with any control software or console, including Blackout, Luminair, ETC, GrandMA and Chamsys, to send commands using the sACN DMX protocol, wirelessly or via the LAN ethernet port. Single DMX512 universe boards can also be used by connecting them through the Apollo Bridge 5-pin XLR I/O port.

Apollo has been designed to operate any fixture with a DMX input, as well as DMX networking and wireless DMX equipment. Users can create a single system for centralized control of their lighting with no restrictions on which lights they use. Built-in, dynamic RF transmission, supporting both 2.4 and 5GHz, automatically avoids network interference and creates a dependable signal with no latency. With full sACN capabilities, multiple Apollo bridge units can be added to provide wireless DMX control to as many lights and universes as required. Simultaneous CRMX and wired DMX output can be used to provide a built-in fail-safe or to quickly add more fixtures without needing to reconfigure a DMX network. 

The Litepanels Apollo Bridge is available from authorized retailers. The free Lighticians Apollo Control iOS app is available on the App Store.

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