Kodak Manages Assets With Ortana

Kodak has chosen Ortana’s Cubix asset-management and orchestration platform as the basis of a new service: Kodak Media Asset Management Solutions.

Kodak Media Asset Management Solutions offers a package of service solutions with end-to-end tailoring, including scanning, distribution and long-term digital archiving. The new solution allows content owners to take advantage of the trusted, dependable format of Kodak film in combination with the agility and flexibility of truly orchestrated workflows for management, augmentation, distribution and archive.

The Ortana Cubix platform encompasses all the required workflows for media management, processing and delivery. It offers a unified configurable platform for easy deployment on site, in the cloud or both. Every element is designed to be secure, multi-tenanted, and file- and format-agnostic.

Integral to Cubix is an asset-management layer supporting a wide range of needs, including the ability to configure content hierarchies and editorial schemas. Cubix also provides full support for workflows based on discrete media such as tape and film. Incorporating selected market-leading third-party software, it can seamlessly drive devices for applications ranging from bulk ingest and transcoding to OTT fulfillment and playout.

The highly configurable orchestration layer within Cubix works with the asset-management and automation layers, allowing many different workflows to be quickly configured and reconfigured as required. It provides support for fully automated operation as well as more complex creative ones. Cubix can be securely accessed via multiple Web portals for many different use cases, all providing the highest levels of transparency and efficiency.

For additional information about Kodak’s services, visit motion.kodak.com.



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