Kino Flo Enables 360 Degrees of Color

Kino Flo has introduced the 360-degree color system. The company’s new Diva-Lite LED and Select LED fixtures come loaded with software release 2.71, which adds professional cine swatch-book presets, plus full hue and saturation color control. From intense reds to deeply saturated violets, users can sample the full chromatic spectrum at the turn of a dial and recall favorite gel settings at the touch of a button.

Diva-Lite and Select white-light menus come with built-in variable green/magenta filters to color-balance to any professional or practical light source on the set. Using the same green/magenta settings, cinematographers are able to map the light quality onto the spectral sensitivity curves of all makes and models of digital cameras, and save the customized profiles in the Diva-Lite and Select LED fixtures.

Users can easily control both the white-light mode and the new color mode manually, or remotely via wireless and standard DMX lighting consoles. In the white-light mode, open, unfiltered white light reproduces real-world colors faithfully; the mired shift is 2,700K to 6,500K, and the variable green/magenta control settings eliminate the need for corrective gels. The new 360-degree color mode unlocks creative choices with an extended Kelvin range from 2,500K tungsten to 9,900K daylight, and users can select from an exhaustive menu of filter-color presets or from a color-wheel of RGB values. In addition, Kino Flo has supplemented the standard filter categories with its own proprietary gel-color presets, such as Candle Flame, Green Screen and Sodium Vapor.

Combined with an advanced Smoothing feature, board operators can rely on stable, flicker-free control from high output to the lowest light levels. Smoothing can be turned off in order to achieve lighting effects such as a dancing candle flame or a pulsing television screen. The 2.71 software also boasts a pair of dimming curves, with the square curve providing fine adjustment control at the low end of the dimming scale, and a linear curve to ensure a one-to-one translation of the intensity throughout attenuation.

Kino Flo has partnered with LumenRadio for stable, reliable wireless control systems. Kino Flo Diva-Lite and Select fixtures have built-in receivers and support up to 512 channels. The fixtures are also compatible with W-DMX transmitters. Additionally, full control via on-board manual or DMX cable inputs is still available on every fixture, as is the auto-terminate feature, in which the last fixture in a row of DMX fixtures will automatically terminate the DMX return signal. In DC Mode, the portable Selects and Diva-Lite LEDs operate completely free from an AC power cable.

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