Infinity Photo-Optical Expands Their Focus

This American manufacturer of microscopes and industrial-imaging optics that has recently established an E.U. facility in Goettingen, Germany, has announced further products the cinematography market.

Spurred by increasing interest from cinematographers and other filmmakers to use the company’s imaging systems for commercial, advertising, tabletop and special-effects applications, Infinity has launched the Cine/Robusto lens series. 

Aimed specifically at filmmaking, Infinity’s Robusto — which combines all-metal construction and precision focus adjustment as well as built-in gearing for motor attachment — was first used in Infinity’s K2 DistaMax and K1 CentriMax long-distance microscopes.

Now, Robusto has been adapted to the InfiniProbe TS-160, an imager capable of direct focus from infinity to 18mm and a 0-16x magnification range with full frame sensors. What began as a special microscope has now expanded to become a universal solution for some of the most difficult problems in cinematography.

Additionally, Infinity has developed the Suffocator module for the InfiniProbe TS-160 Robusto Cine Lens System. The Suffocator conveniently replaces the standard rear tubes of the TS-160 and acts as an extremely sensitive secondary fine focus — without introducing any claimed breathing — for virtually any imaging accessories used with the TS-160.

Those accessories include variable-focusing Macro and Micro objectives, a series of distance-corrected taking objectives, snorkel dipping objectives, and fixed-working-distance microscope objectives. Once the primary focus is set by the TS-160’s main focusing control, the Suffocator can then be used to provide an incredibly sensitive fine-focusing capability.

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