Hive Launches CX-Series

There are two fixtures in the new line, the Wasp 100-CX and the Hornet 200-CX.

Hive Lighting has introduced the CX-Series, comprising two fixtures, the Wasp 100-CX and the Hornet 200-CX.

Both fixtures use Hive’s proprietary Omni-Color array.

The Wasp 100-CX ($799) uses 75 watts to create 320 fc at 5' (F14 at 800 ISO). It is compatible with all Hive C-Series and Profoto modifiers and features a newly enhanced Bluetooth range in the same aerospace-grade aluminum body as all C-Series products.

The Hornet 200-CX ($1,299) uses 150 watts to create 1,200 fc at 5' (F22 at 800 ISO) with a Super Spot reflector. Weighing 2.2 pounds, the fixture offers Profoto compatibility, a modular design, an enhanced Bluetooth range and an aerospace-grade aluminum build.

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