Halloween: POV on Horror

Dean Cundey, ASC discusses collaborating with director John Carpenter and executing the 5-minute point-of-view shot that opens the film.

At top, Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) and The Shape (Nick Castle) in one of the film's biggest jump scenes.

In front of a live audience at the ASC Clubhouse in Hollywood, Dean Cundey, ASC shared his inspirations and experiences while analyzing a key scene from the shock classic Halloween (1978), which he photographed in Panavision anamorphic for director John Carpenter.

From left, John Carpenter and (future ASC great) Dean Cundey confer while shooting their first feature together, Halloween (1978). (Photo by Kim Gottlieb-Walker)

To open the film, Carpenter designed a flashback sequence that would be seen through the eyes of a masked psychopathic killer — a very young Michael Myers (played by Will Sandin):

Here, Cundey continues the discussion, detailing how he and Carpenter employed camera and lighting to create suspense and scares throughout the film:

The session was part of a Friends of the ASC live event and moderated by American Cinematographer associate editor Jon D. Witmer, followed by question-and-answer sessions with the audience. 

Also there for the discussion were ASC members Michael Goi (Megan is Missing, American Horror Story) and Daniel Pearl (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre):

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