Factory Optic Releases Syncro-Link Mark-Zero

The lens-metadata interface provides plug-and-play connectivity between cine lenses and Unreal Engine.

Factory Optic has released Syncro-Link Mark-Zero, a lens-metadata interface that provides plug-and-play connectivity between cinema lenses and Unreal Engine for use in virtual-production environments.

All available lens data such as focus distance, iris t-stop, zoom focal length, entrance pupil and depth of field is streamed to Unreal Engine via an open-source plugin provided by Loled Virtual.

“Using the Mark-Zero allows our customers to focus their efforts on filmmaking while reducing the setup time,” says Patrick Campbell of Factory Optic. “This new device seamlessly pushes lens metadata direct to Unreal Engine in perfect sync with the camera shutter. It allows full control of the data flow no matter which camera is being used, and with OpenCV lens-distortion values being streamed, the need for tedious lens calibration has been eliminated.” 

Mark-Zero will support metadata streaming from Cooke /i-enabled lenses, and with the Zeiss Extended Data, lens distortion and shading/vignetting is now available to be utilized in UE.

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