Electric EVU Camera Car

Filmotechnic USA introduces completely new emissions-free system for film and productions.

For stage shoots and noise-sensitive productions, Filmotechnic USA has introduced a new edition to its Academy-Award-winning fleet of mobile stabilization systems. With zero emissions, the Electric EVU is provided in several arm and flight-head combinations.

The Electric EVU with several customizable camera stabilization options

“We can provide a variety of rig options,” says Filmotechnic Manager, John Urso, via the press announcement, “based on the job at hand, fully customized to meet a customer’s specific need.” Supported with offices in Detroit, Atlanta, Dallas and Orlando, Filmotechnic is headquartered and fabrication facilities in Los Angeles.

“There is demand for a camera car that can be used where internal combustion vehicles are prohibited, such as on a soundstage,” continued Urso. “The EVU also works great on noise sensitive shoots, such as filming horses for a Western.”

A possible rig configuration includes Filmotechnic’s Telescoping U-Crane paired with the company’s Flight Head Mini gyro-stabilization head with fully remote digital control. 

“This is just one of many arm/flight head combos this vehicle can handle,” concluded Urso. “We can provide a variety of rig options based on the job at hand, fully customized to meet a customer’s specific need.”

Filmotechnic's Ford Raptor SVT configuration

In addition to expansion of their Los Angeles headquarters by 11,000-feet, there was a lot of activity from Filmotechnic last year, including their fifth Porsche Turbo Cayenne S rig and second Ford Raptor SVT configurations, plus newly produced Flight Head 6 and Apex Head designs, as well as heightened availability, literally, of their Russian Arm selections, at up to 25' with the latest Filmotechnic Russian Arm 6.

Oscar Award Winner Anotoliy Kokush, along with Denis Kokush, and the team at Filmotechnic have produced a diverse range of professional camera systems, cranes, and gyro-stabilization heads for the motion picture, production and advertising industries for more than 25 years. 

There are five Porsche Turbo Cayenne S models available for productions nationwide

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