Elation Releases KL Panel XL

The full-color-spectrum LED consumes 544 watts of power and produces soft-white or full-color washes up to 44,000 field lumens at a 100-degree half-peak angle.

Elation Professional has released the KL Panel XL, an update to the KL Panel full-color-spectrum LED that is larger, more powerful and offers multi-zone control for dynamic effects. 

Using a 544-watt RGBW+ Lime + Cyan LED array, the KL Panel XL produces soft-white or full-color washes up to 44,000 field lumens at a 100-degree half-peak angle. With a CRI of 95, color reproduction is accurate both to the eye and to the camera, and color temperature is easily adjustable from 2,000-10,000K for a wide choice of variable-color or white-shade projections. Additional color tuning is possible through a green-shift adjustment and virtual gel library. 

The KL Panel XL’s LED array includes multi-zone control for dynamic color access and realistic reproduction of effects such as fire, lightning, emergency-vehicle flashes and strobe effects.

Features include 16-bit dimming and selectable dimming curve modes for programming ease, as well as a high-speed electronic shutter and strobe. A diffuser is included, as are adjustable, removable eight-leaf barn doors.

The KL Panel XL is optimized for broadcast and film environments with 900-25000Hz LED refresh-rate adjustment for flicker-free operation. Measuring 30.1" x 12.05", it can be mounted on a stand or suspended using any standard clamp or the included Junior pin adapter. 

The fixture does not require an external power supply and offers power pass-through for easy linking of multiple units. It can be powered remotely through its integrated 4-pin XLR 24-36 VDC battery input. (Battery not included.). Professional control options include DMX/RDM, Art-NET and sACN. The luminaire can also be controlled manually for standalone use using the included encoders and OLED display; the display and encoders are positioned on the bottom of the fixture to ensure easy access while the fixture is mounted on a stand. The integration of Elation’s E-Fly wireless DMX system facilitates even more flexibility.

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