Eartec Enhances On-Set Communication

Eartec Co. has introduced UltraLite full duplex systems, which provide instantaneous voice communication to demanding production crews. The UltraLite systems include a compact transceiver installed inside the earcup, so they do not require belt-pack radios. The system allows users to communicate simultaneously, just like on a regular telephone, while leaving their hands totally free.

The UltraLite system is available in two versions. The Standard series utilizes one base headset with up to three additional remote units without a base station. The Hub series features a wearable mini base station that expands the capacity to seven crew members. Both versions feature Digital Enhance Cordless Technology for a range of 400 yards. The microphone swivels 270 degrees and is muted when the boom is positioned straight up. Single- and dual-ear models are available, each boasting a comfortable mid-weight design.

For additional information, visit eartec.com



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