DMXcat Functionality Expands with Multi-Fixture Feature

The new feature includes a patch that can be implemented to group and control lighting fixtures together, saving time and improving workflows.

City Theatrical has expanded the functionality of its DMXcat Multi Function Test Tool with the new Multi Fixture (DMX) feature, which offers lighting professionals an efficient way to turn on and test multiple DMX lighting fixtures simultaneously. 

The new Multi Fixture feature includes a patch that can be implemented to group and control lighting fixtures together to save time and improve workflows. This patch also allows users to assign numbers to channels or fixtures, which can be useful in creating a consistent, simplified numbering system between creative and technical teams of a given project. DMXcat users can use the patch to save, name and reload setups across various rigs for use on future projects. 

Other DMXcat improvements with Multi Fixture include a new interface for the Fixture Controller app, which offers patching and grouping methods like many show consoles used in professional lighting for ease of use and consistency among test and control gear. The Fixture Controller app also now includes 16-bit wheels, which save the user screen space and refine the user’s control. 

This feature allows users to name their DMXcats, making it simpler for teams using multiple DMXcats to differentiate between various team members’ devices. 

All of these new features are free to DMXcat users, who need only to accept the app update (on the App Store, Google Play or Amazon) to get them. A quick-start guide is available on City Theatrical’s website.

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