Creamsource Announces LNX

The rigging solution enables crews to quickly assemble uniform, aligned arrays of Vortex LEDs.

Creamsource has announced the LNX rigging system for its Vortex LED series.

LNX simplifies rigging and cabling with a series of purpose-built clamps and pins for the Vortex series. It enables rigging crews to quickly assemble uniform/aligned arrays of Vortex fixtures with minimal gap between units with multiple latches and auto-locking features that ensure the safety of operators and anyone under the rig. The system is designed to withstand heavy usage, relocation, high levels of vibration and wind loading.    

“Rigging presents crews with differing, unique challenges every day,” says Creamsource CEO Tama Berkeljon. “Until now, rigging gaffers have had to take a hodgepodge approach to rigging multiple fixtures, relying on their own creative solutions to get up and running. With LNX, we’re streamlining and standardizing that process among all Vortex fixtures.” 

All current Vortex8 owners are eligible to receive a free hardware upgrade to equip their fixtures with the LNX system via an authorized Creamsource service center. 

The shipping timeline and pricing for LNX will be announced soon.

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