Chimera Lighting Launches Creamsource Solutions

An OctaSpace 5 SpaceX Kit and Pop Bank for the Creamsource Micro are now available.

Chimera Lighting has released portable Lightbanks for the Creamsource SpaceX and Micro.

The OctaSpace 5 SpaceX Kit includes a heavy-duty Speed Ring and an Octa 5 that has been optimized for the Creamsource fixture. This Octa can be easily expanded to an Octa 7 using the standard 7' expansion kit. A Full Chimera Cloth screen and weighted baffle are included to help deliver broad, even illumination.

The Pop Bank for the Creamsource Micro attaches directly to the fixture without the need for a Speed Ring or bracket. The front screen is sized 11"x16"/406mm x 559mm, or standard XS, which more than quadruples the front aperture. Included are an internal baffle and full and half Chimera Cloth screens, all packed in a compact messenger bag.

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