Chapman/Leonard Announces V Series Hustler, Hybrid

The V Series design offers longer battery life, a USB outlet and a stronger payload capacity on the arm.

Chapman/Leonard Studio Equipment, Inc., has released V Series Hustler and Hybrid dollies.

This latest design enhances production with a battery system that gives up to eight hours of continuous use on a single charge. Other features include a USB outlet for charging mobile devices such as cell phones and monitors mounted on the dolly. The V series dollies have a stronger payload capacity on the arm, allowing more options for the grip when it comes to mounting smaller crane arms. 

Several customers have benefited from using the V Series on their productions. “The lithium battery is great, and I love to not be dependent on electricians for dolly bumps,” says dolly grip Joe Cassano. Dolly grip Eric Zucker adds, “The Hybrid V is the best dolly I have ever pushed. It’s so versatile; its battery gives me unlimited monitor power, and the heavy-duty arm is a game changer.” 

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