AC and Canon Host Creative Events At Sundance 2018

On January 19-22, AC joined Canon in Park City, UT, for lively and informative discussions and demos on the latest production tools and cinematography techniques.

American Cinematographer was proud to be partnered with Canon at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival, where the company hosted the Canon Creative Studio — located in the heart of Park City at 592 Main St.

A hub for filmmakers, the Canon Creative Studio is a place for hands-on experimentation with Canon equipment and thought-provoking conversations with industry experts. Enjoy a snack and a cup of coffee, and be sure to check out the Studio’s daily events.

Select panels held at the Studio were moderated by American Cinematographer contributors, with each event streamed via Facebook Live through AC's page, allowing everyone worldwide to attend and even pose questions to panel participants.

Below is a complete schedule of the panel discussions and participants and links to further AC coverage of happenings taking place at the Canon Creative Studio.

From the "DP First: Women Who Shoot" discussion. Photo for AC by Danna Kinsky
Friday, January 19

3:00 PM

PANEL | DP First: Women Who Shoot
Top cinematographers examine what it means to be a woman in the film industry today in a conversation moderated by American Cinematographer contributor Pat Thomson.

- Autumn Eakin (Lenny)
- Claudia Raschke (RBG, The Price of Everything)
- Greta Zozula (Never Goin’ Back)

Photo for AC by Danna Kinsky

(Full video and panel discussion notes here.)

5:00 PM
Magic Hour co-hosted by IMDbPro
Kick off the Festival right at this fun evening for IMDbPro members and Canon Creative Studio guests.

Saturday, January 20

12:30 PM
PANEL | Shooting Cinematic VR — Awavena

Lead artist Lynette Wallworth and director of photography Greg Downing discuss virtual reality's future in film, all through the lens of Awavena, which features stunning fluorescent insects captured on the ME20F-SH. Moderated by AC contributor and ASC associate member Jay Holben.

- Lynette Wallworth
- Greg Downing 

Photo for AC by Danna Kinsky.

(Full video and panel discussion notes here.)

3:00 PM
PANEL | Documentary Cinematography
When shooting documentaries, you need the right tools to pick up and go. Acclaimed non-fiction filmmakers chat about the gear they use to capture cinematic cinéma vérité and beautiful, impactful real-life stories. Moderated by Jay Holben.

- Max Preiss (The Trade)
- Laela Kilbourn (This Is Home)
- Graham Willoughby (Won't You Be My Neighbor)

Photo for AC by Danna Kinsky.

(Full video and panel discussion notes here. And you'll find a complete production piece on The Trade here.)

5:00 PM
Magic Hour co-hosted by AFI
Three cheers to AFI Conservatory alumni! Come by as Canon and AFI salute the filmmakers of the Festival.  

Sunday, January 21   

12:30 PM
PANEL | Spotlight on Collaboration: The Sentence
Hosted in partnership with Adobe
Mastering the art of collaboration is the key to filmmaking. Hear from The Sentence’s director and DP Rudy Valdez and editor Viridiana Lieberman as they break down their process. The two will also discuss the tools that made their work together seamless, such as the use of Cinema EOS cameras and Adobe Premiere Pro for editing. Moderated by Jay Holben.

- Rudy Valdez
- Viridiana Lieberman 

Photo for AC by Danna Kinsky.

(Full video and panel discussion notes here.)

3:00 PM
PANEL | Options in Optics
Lenses are the ultimate creative tool. But how do you decide which glass to use to craft your look? Expert cinematographers share their insights. Moderated by Jay Holben.

- Martina Radwan (Inventing Tomorrow)
- Brent Barbano (cinematographer)
Yamit Shimonovitz (Public Image Is Rotten)

Photo for AC by Danna Kinsky.

(Full video and panel discussion notes here.)

 Monday, January 22

12:30 PM
PANEL | Spotlight on Indie Episodic: The Adulterers
Director/DP Darin Quan and DP Zack Schamberg take us behind-the-scenes of The Adulterers, shot on the EOS C300 Mark II. The two will chat about what today's indie set looks like and the tools that get the job done. Moderated by Jay Holben.

- Darin Quan
- Zack Schamberg

Photo for AC by Danna Kinsky.

Full video and panel discussion notes hereYou'll find a feature story on this project with additional detail here.

3:00 PM

WORKSHOP | Backpack Filmmaking with the EOS C200
Location: Claimjumper, 573 Main Street
The new EOS C200 with Cinema RAW Light codec is versatile and cinematic, not to mention compact. Canon's Loren Simons and cinematographer Shana Hagan (Generation Wealth, Inventing Tomorrow Lenny) lead attendees through an experiential session that shows you can shoot cinéma vérité and lit, sit-down interviews with only what you can fit in a backpack. 

5:00 PM
Magic Hour co-hosted by VER
Join Canon and VER as we call "martini" on the 2018 Sundance Film Festival with one final Magic Hour at the Canon Creative Studio.

The top level of the Canon Creative Studio offered a complete display of the company's latest camera and lens offerings, as well as a small photo studio that offered guests the opportunity to sit for a portrait.


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