Camera Robots On the Rise Via Telemetrics

New camera robotics and control system from Telemetrics will debut in Amsterdam this September at IBC.

Telemetrics, Inc., which manufactures complex camera robotics and remote control possibilities for broadcast, production studios, virtual set systems and elsewhere, will be located at stand 12.F34 during the annual IBC convention in Amsterdam. Offering smooth, quiet, precise, and also programmable camera operations, there will be several brand new products being demonstrated by the company, who is based in Colorado. 

The RCCP-1A control panel.

Built on the success of Telemetrics’ Remote Camera Control Panel, the RCCP-1, a new RCCP-1A Remote Camera Control Panel, with an “A” as in “advanced”, is a new addition to their families of remote-control camera-panels. It adds several unified controls to the design of the original RCCP-1, extending accessibility to deep menu controls for most broadcast camera systems. Eliminating the need for extra camera control units or paint boxes, the RCCP-1A is designed for large broadcast studios and production centers. It also sports Telemetrics’ auto-sensing technology to automatically keep talent centered in a frame, even when following movements. 

The PT-HP-S5 Servo Pan/Tilt Head

An entry-level control unit, the PT-HP-S5 Servo Pan/Tilt Head, is a lower cost model in the Telemetrics lines of servo-controlled pan-and-tilt camera supports. Part of Telemetrics’ fifth generation of S5 camera-control products, the PT-HP-S5 is targeted to be more affordable for smaller production studios and limited budgets. With embedded fiber connectivity, the 4K-ready system will house box-style cameras and less at up to 40 lbs. 

The newer RCCP-M camera control unit (seen at top) is also an entry-level, cost-effective system, housing auto-sensing tech as well as full color 10.4” touchscreen interface for ease of operation, even with those not familiar with the operations. With upgrade options, it also has physical pan, tilt, and zoom-speed control knobs, as well as a large focus knob for precise camera control. 

The telescoping Televator EP7 Series Elevating Pedestal, meanwhile has been constructed for more secure stability regardless of camera height. Available in three sizes, the EP7-600, EP7-700, and EP7-1000, Telemetrics says that the Televator EP7 family will have a model that will be able to accomodate most camera systems regardless of size or weight. 

The TeleGlide TG4

Lastly, the TeleGlide TG4 system is a self-contained curved track for television studios, conference rooms, and events. With tracks that can be bent down for sharper radii, the redesigned Teleglide TG4 trolley and track kit has also been minimized for space requirements. Floor- or ceiling-mountable, it has a Triple Balance System for increased stability. The servo-controlled TG4 is also compatible with Telemetrics’ pan/tilt heads, extendable and telescoping camera mounts, and remote control systems.

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