Birns & Sawyer, Cineroid Offer Flexible LED

Birns & Sawyer now offers the Cineroid FL400S — a high-CRI, bi-color, flexible LED light panel.

Built with surface-mounted LEDs for higher power output and a wider beam angle, the FL400S offers flicker-free performance and a CRI of 94. Measuring only 9.5"x9.5" and weighing only .33 pounds without the bracket, the light is small enough to fit in a kit bag. A lockable control interface adjusts the color temperature between 2,700K and 6,500K and brightness from 0-100 percent; at full output, the fixture draws only 65 watts and can provide 2,100 lux at 3'. The fixture is DMX-compatible for larger, more complex and controlled lighting setups. The FL400S also includes a ¼" mount on the back. An optional V-mount battery plate is available.

The Cineroid FL400S kit from Birns & Sawyer includes the waterproof LED panel, the main control box, an AC power adapter, a soft diffuser, and an X-bracket with spigot mount.

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