Benro Introduces BVX

The BVX16H video head supports up to 35 pounds, and the BVX25H video head supports up to 55 pounds.

Benro has introduced two professional heavy-duty video tripod and head combinations, the BVX16CFK and the BVX25CFK.

The BVX16H video head supports up to 35 pounds, and the BVX25H video head supports up to 55 pounds. The 100mm bowl tripod has a maximum-load capacity of 132 pounds.

The BVX16CFK provides eight steps of counterbalance, whereas the BVX25CFK provides 16 steps of counterbalance. Each step is repeatable, which helps the user save time when changing lenses or adding accessories.

The pan-drag and tilt-drag mechanisms each provide six individual steps of drag adjustment to help fine-tune the smooth movements. A sliding top plate with a snap-in-style quick release can be shifted forward or backward to help balance the camera rig.

“For many years, our customers have requested a video tripod that can support heavier payloads for things like teleprompters or beefy camera rigs with long lenses,” says Brian Hynes, Benro’s product manager. “We’re super-pleased with the way this product has turned out, and so are the pros that have been testing it for months on the road.”

The carbon-fiber tripod is a two-stage three-section tandem style that incorporates a 100mm bowl. 

The leg locks are oversized levers that can be operated while the user is wearing gloves. The lower-stage leg-lock lever has an additional lip that can be opened and closed with the foot; this allows the user to hold onto the camera rig while adjusting the height of the tripod.

Each tripod includes a floor spreader, a telescoping pan arm and a padded carrying case.

Benro products are distributed in the United States exclusively by Mac Group.

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