BB&S Lighting Unveils Compact Beamlight BiColor

Offering a range of 2,700K-5,700K, CBLs are ideal for professional studio and stage applications as well as architectural lighting and broadcast news.

BB&S Lighting of Denmark announces the Compact Beamlight BiColor, which offers a range of 2,700K-5,700K. With 98 TLCI, CBLs are ideal for professional studio, stage, architectural-lighting and broadcast-news uses whenever a hard-shadow beam is required.

A single fixture produces up to 2,700 lumens, and the 2x2, with its combined beam, provides up to 11,000 lumens. The beams fade from 100 percent at center to 50 percent at the edges, cutting glare so that mixing and overlapping other lights is easy. 

With a 40-watt power draw, 5.5" footprint and 10-degree beam angle, a single CBL is suitable for overhead grids as well as walls, floors and stands. It weighs 3.3 pounds and measures 6.5" long and 5.5" in diameter. 

CBL BiColors come with a four-pin XLR, 6.5' cable, TVMP and adjustable yoke. Optional accessories include a magnetic filter frame range of prismatic diffusers, a magnetic barn door that rotates 360 degrees and a magnetic top hat/snoot.

The CBL BiColor 2x2 draws up to 160 watts, measures 6.5" x 11" x 11" and weighs 18 pounds (including yoke).

Each light incorporates a proprietary, 126mm-diameter collimator lens that converts up to 90 percent of the LED light output, resulting in a high-intensity, narrow beam with practically no spill light. 

CBLs can be operated and dimmed in several ways. Singles work with the optional BB&S 4-Way Controller or Dual-Channel Driver/Dimmer. The 4-Way Controller runs two single BiColor fixtures and is ready for optional wireless control with built-in DMX/RDM 512 in/out powered via a 48-volt power supply. Utilizing the 4-Channel Control, the fixtures are fully dimmable (100 percent to 0) without color shift or flicker. Single BiColors may also be operated via the optional BB&S 40-watt Dual-Channel Manual Driver/Dimmer to dial in CCT and level. It includes a four-pin XLR connector for use with either an optional PSU or battery.

The 2x2 BiColor can be operated and dimmed with the optional 8-Way Controller in a Peli case; it offers eight channels and is ready for wireless via the internal USB connector. It comes with a PowerCon True 1 locking AC 6.5' cable plus 48-volt DC PSU. For battery operation, several third-party battery packs are available that can deliver the 160-watt minimum required. 

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