Band Pro Announces Orca Bags Rigalto

The support system is designed for Sony Venice digital motion-picture cameras using the Sony Rialto Extension System.

Band Pro Film & Digital announces Orca Bags Rigalto, a support system for Sony Venice cameras utilizing the Sony Rialto Extension System.

Rigalto gives a single camera operator maximum freedom of movement while using Sony's 6K tethered extension system. The Rigalto streamlines shooting in tight quarters where a camera assistant may not be able to move around the operator with the Venice attached to the Rialto. With the Rigalto, operators can move freely through the scene while depending on the camera assistant to adjust camera settings between takes or adjust ND filters as the exposure changes.

Orca Bags Rigalto lists for $1,300.

With the optional Easyrig Minimax Support Bar attachment, operators can lighten the Rialto load even further.

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