Arri Unveils Hi-5

Providing wireless camera and lens control, the fifth-generation device features swappable radio modules for different territories, as well as improved radio-link range.

Arri has introduced the Arri Hi-5, a fifth-generation hand unit providing wireless camera and lens control in demanding situations on set.

Featuring an extensive radio-link range and swappable radio modules for different territories and shooting challenges, the Hi-5 replaces the Arri WCU-4 and is central to the fifth-generation ecosystem of Arri’s Electronic Control System. Together with a new radio system, new intelligent batteries, smart focus rings and an iOS app, the Hi-5 modernizes on-set connectivity. Some of the new technologies incorporated into the design have patents pending. 

The Hi-5’s modern touchscreen interface, based on a camera GUI, will be instantly and intuitively familiar. Lens-file management and software updates are faster and easier with the new Arri ECS Sync App.  

The swappable radio modules are one of the Hi-5’s most unique features. With an often congested 2.4 GHz ISM band and different frequency regulations in different countries, the ability to exchange radio modules poses a significant advantage, allowing crews to choose the module that best suits a location. 

Arri will release three radio modules in the 900 and 2400 MHz ranges, using direct sequence and frequency-hopping spread-spectrum technology to cut through interference. Together, they cover a variety of shooting situations with an improved long-range radio link while ensuring backward compatibility with existing camera equipment. As technology evolves, more modules can be added, enabling the Hi-5 to accommodate future standards for on-set hardware communications. 

In designing the Hi-5, Arri paid particular attention to the ruggedized housing, which is dustproof and weatherproof. In addition, smart pre-marked focus rings can communicate directly with the Hi-5; they are instantly recognized and mapped to the lens focus scale.

Arri’s batteries for the device are based on the NP-L interface and can be hot-swapped without powering the unit down; their remaining capacity is always displayed on the Hi-5 screen. Meanwhile, a new Tail Slate Mode prevents the user from stopping recording before capturing a tail slate on shots that need it. 

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