Arri Releases Beta Alexa Mini LF Update, Lightnet

Alexa Mini LF SUP 7.1 Beta includes a new recording format for anamorphic productions, 2.8K LF 1:1—2.8K. Lightnet is a new solution for broadcast-studio lighting.

Arri has released a Beta version of Alexa Mini LF Software Update Package 7.1, as well as Lightnet, a custom solution for broadcast-studio lighting.

Alexa Mini LF SUP7.1 Beta is for evaluation purposes only and not suitable for production. 

The update includes a new recording format for anamorphic productions, 2.8K LF 1:1—2.8K, which is available in ArriRaw and Apple ProRes and is tailor-made for shooting with 2x anamorphic lenses for a target deliverable of 2:1, fulfilling 4K UHD mandates. 

The update also includes Lens Data Archive files for 12mm and 280mm Arri Signature Primes and 45-135mm and 65-300mm Arri Signature Zooms, Sync Shift via Camera Access Protocol, and various bug fixes and system-stability improvements.

Arri has also released LightNet, a software platform designed by Arri’s Solutions Group to offer centralized monitoring and management of broadcast-studio lighting networks from anywhere. 

Arri LightNet observes and shows all elements across a network — luminaires, consoles, network switches, splitters, nodes, etc. — displaying all the relevant data in real time on a single interface. This enables users and technicians to work in parallel while accessing and managing different aspects of the network. 

The user interface can be run simultaneously on various client devices that can be based locally in the studio or much farther away —even in or out of the studio complex via a VPN. This dual local/remote access from anywhere helps maximize the efficiency of technicians working in busy studio environments where time and technology are always critical. 

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