Arri Announces Orbiter Projection Optics, Releases RIA-1

Orbiter Projection Optics 25° and 35° provide an LED profiler suitable for theater, cinema and broadcast applications. The RIA-1 Radio Interface Adapter is designed for the Hi-5 hand unit.

Arri has announced Orbiter Projection Optics 25° and 35° and has released the RIA-1 Radio Interface Adapter for the Hi-5 hand unit.

Combined with Orbiter’s Arri Spectra light engine, Orbiter Projection Optics provide an LED profiler suited for theaters, cinematic applications, broadcast studios and live productions. They allow for crisp projection of a light spot, as well as gobo projection and precise shutter cuts. Both optics have a standard iris slot.

The four manually adjustable shutter blades of the Projection Optics 25° and 35° produce a beam where the shutter-blade cut projection and the beam’s edge are simultaneously in sharp focus. Both optics have a motorized focus adjustment which allows for great precision and repeatability. With the latest update of Orbiter’s Lighting Operating System, LiOS2, the focus can be controlled locally via Orbiter’s Control Panel or remotely by DMX/RDM or IP based (ArtNet or sACN). Once set, the focus is kept in place and not subverted by locking the lens tube into place.

Furthermore, a standard B-size metal or glass gobo can be added. Any focus adjustment between gobo and shutter is barely necessary; focus adjustment between gobo and open gate is not necessary at all. Additional Arri accessories such as a snoot or color filter frames can be added in front. 

Orbiter Projection Optic 25° measures 11.3" x 11.3" x 13.1" and weighs 12 pounds. Orbiter Projection Optic 35° measures 11.3" x 11.3" x 11.2" and weighs 9.6 pounds.

Orbiter’s Quick Lighting Mount system allows the Projection Optics to be mounted safely and quickly while still enabling a 90-degree rotation. The LiOS2 update ensures an automatic recognition of this new optic, and its latest feature, Optics Auto Adjust, offers full color stability with any focus and any optic. The optic’s cooling fan can be controlled via Orbiter’s Light Control setting through the Control Panel.

Both Orbiter Projection Optics will be available in October.

Arri has also announced it is shipping the RIA-1 Radio Interface Adapter for the Arri Hi‑5, which was introduced last year. Supporting Arri’s swappable radio modules, the RIA‑1 facilitates wireless camera and lens control in any situation. It features a simple user interface with four connectors, a USB-C port for firmware updates, a rotary dial, and a display for setting the region, operating mode and radio channels.

The RIA‑1 is backwards-compatible with all Arri ECS devices that support either white radio communication or LBUS connectivity. All existing run/stop/tally functionality of the CAM cables for the Cforce mini RF motor will be supported through the RIA‑1, and advanced camera-control functionality for third-party cameras from Red and Sony is available through optional camera-control licenses for Hi‑5.

The RIA‑1 supports common distance measurers such as the Arri UDM‑1, Focusbug Cine RT and CineTape Measure directly via the Serial interface, or Cmotion's Cfinder III via the LBUS interface. High-speed communication with the Focusbug Cine RT for multiple dynamic distance values, mark setting and menu control is also available through the RIA‑1 with the Focusbug license for Hi‑5.

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