Accsoon Introduces CineEye

The wireless video transmitter sends a 1080p video signal to as many as four mobile devices, transforming smartphones on set into monitors.

Accsoon has released CineEye, a wireless video-transmission system that allows users to send a 1080p video signal from the CineEye device attached to the camera to as many as four mobile devices. This allows the director, other crew and clients to use their existing mobile devices to monitor what’s being shot. 

With an average latency of around 100ms, the CineEye has minimal lag while maintaining a high-quality image via its wireless signal; the CineEye automatically modifies and selects channels that have the least resistance; and the transmitter also alters the bitrate and video quality of the outgoing signal in order to maximize connection and frame rate, ensuring people on set can always monitor what is happening.

The CineEye weighs .4 pounds and features a built-in 3500 mAh battery that offers up to four hours of power. When the battery gets low, users can plug in power via the built-in USB-C port and keep shooting.

Offering features such as focus peaking, zebras, false color for exposure, and LUT overlay, the CineEye opens up possibilities typically seen on higher-end monitors.

The CineEye lists for $249.

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