AadynTech Introduces Jab Quad, Punch Quad

The new fixtures come in daylight, tungsten and variable, with a range of 2,900K to 6,000K.

AadynTech has expanded its line of fixtures with the Jab Quad and the Punch Quad.

The Jab Quad uses the equivalent power of four Jab fixtures designed in a panel-light configuration. It is a completely weatherproof, IP65-rated light with an output of 120,000 Lumens. Additionally, it consumes only 1,300 watts of power at full brightness, so it can operate on a single 20-amp circuit. The CRI is 92+ and has a full range of plus and minus green/magenta color control.

With an aperture of 24"x18",the Jab Quad is bright enough to be used outside in the daytime, and it can also be used to replace a 6K space light. 

At 278,000 Lumens, the Punch Quad’s aperture is 36"x24". It has the equivalent output of four Punch fixtures in an IP65-rated soft-panel fixture. The high-efficiency LED light was built to compete with large HMIs while consuming 10 percent of the power, according to the company.

The Quads come in daylight, tungsten and variable, with a range of 2,900K to 6,000K. They can be controlled in three ways, via AadynTech’s user-interface module, wired DMX or wireless DMX.

Both lights are designed with four lifting eyes on the back side of the fixture and can easily be supported from above and used as a space light. According to AadynTech, both Quad fixtures have also been verified up to 260,000fps, ensuring flicker-free performance.

The Quads come with a medium-diffusion lens, IP65 control box and 20' control cable, power cable, user-interface controller, City Theatrical wireless receiver chip and antenna, yoke and pin. Grids, softboxes, light and heavy diffusers and road cases are some of the accessories available for the series. 

For more information, visit AadynTech’s website.

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